Thursday, August 25, 2011

my 2nd blog

This will be my 2nd blog, where I will post about Game Maker games that I have recently played and think are interesting and/or worthy of attention. The title is sortof a rip-off of another blog that went down called "wow you lose" (it was written by Andrew Brophy).

To start off with, I'll list my favorite GM games:
Garden Gnome Carnage
Assassin Blue
Escape From The Underworld

Those 5 games come from 2 of my favorite developers, Daniel Remar and Greg Lobanov.

Other Favorites:
Shocker the electricying super hero
Karoshi 2.0

Favorite Art Games:
And everything started to fall

Since I like "Art" games so much, I made one myself, and cannot resist linking to it :3 However, I will abstain from posting about my own games in the future.
Saga Of The Ugly