Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hexapolis is a game by  Maarten Baert and Wout12345.
When I first saw a screenshot of this game I thought "Ehh... this kind of game doesn't look too appealing to me...", but I downloaded it anyway. I'm glad I did. When the game loaded up the first thing I saw was the tutorial button, I know what it's like to drop into a game that you have no clue what to do in, so I clicked the button right away. The tutorial was short and simple, I liked it. I wish it gave me more credit though, whenever I tried out the controls that it told me it just said "Good." That was okay the first few times with the simple controls, but when I got onto the actual gameplay training, I think I could've used a bit more encouragement :P Anyway, doing the tutorial on this game is a must unless you like to figure things out while your time is running out.

The game takes place on a hexagon (6 sides) and the goal is to point colored lasers at the generators that have corresponding colors. E.G. Red laser pointing towards red generator. Why do you need to do this? Because you'll run out of energy if you don't. Anyway, the gameplay is excellent, although occasionally a bit confusing at first. Sometimes I mistakenly put a mirror where it couldn't reflect the laser in the right direction. I got used to it though, and sometimes when you make that mistake it doesn't even matter.

Overall I would say that Hexapolis is a game that anyone with a little bit of patience can enjoy for several minutes.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I haven't posted on here lately, but since I haven't got too big of an audience atm I guess it doesn't matter :P
I guess the main problem is that I haven't been coming across any noteworthy GM games. Hopefully with the new GM HTML5 program there will be some new unique games coming out.
Anyway I found one sortof interesting game on the GMC.
GMC Link to Deep

Deep has a nice graphical gimmick that only shows you stuff that is in your ship's light's line of sight. It's a bit difficult at first, but you can get the hang of it, I gave up on the 2nd level though. Overall I like the concept but the game could use a lot of expanding.
It would, for example, be better if the light your ship sends out would bounce off the walls somewhat and show hidden crevices and openings that you would not normally see due to your limited line of sight.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everyone Has A Level (RoyTheShort)

I recently came across an interesting game called the "Everyone Has A Level" project.
In the game, there are 20 or so (very) short levels and each one has a different set of sprites for the player, the obstacles, and the tiles, these sprites are made by various people who volunteered to contribute to the game. Along with this, a lot of the levels give the player an extra ability such as double jumping, a gun, or a down-slam power. I found it oddly interesting that sometimes the extra ability had no purpose whatsoever in a level.

I would say that this game would be very much benefited by more levels and an addition of some unique gimmicks and obstacles. But for now, it's one of those games that lasts for 5 minutes and leaves you wanting more. It has a lot of potential, so I hope the creator (RoyTheShort) expands the game a bit!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

my 2nd blog

This will be my 2nd blog, where I will post about Game Maker games that I have recently played and think are interesting and/or worthy of attention. The title is sortof a rip-off of another blog that went down called "wow you lose" (it was written by Andrew Brophy).

To start off with, I'll list my favorite GM games:
Garden Gnome Carnage
Assassin Blue
Escape From The Underworld

Those 5 games come from 2 of my favorite developers, Daniel Remar and Greg Lobanov.

Other Favorites:
Shocker the electricying super hero
Karoshi 2.0

Favorite Art Games:
And everything started to fall

Since I like "Art" games so much, I made one myself, and cannot resist linking to it :3 However, I will abstain from posting about my own games in the future.
Saga Of The Ugly